Athletic Development program

What is Athletic Development?

“The systematic, sequential and progressive development of all athletic qualities in an integrated manner to develop the complete athlete. It incorporates a balanced development of all components of physical performance: strength, power, speed, agility, endurance and flexibility”

Vern Gambetta.

The word ‘athlete’ isn’t a title given to people once they achieve a certain level of sporting success. You become an athlete when you make sport a part of your identity.

If you had your sport of choice taken away from you for the rest of your life, would you be the same person? If the answer is no, then you are an athlete.

We teach our athletes how to make this shift in perspective. Becoming an athlete is simple. But becoming an an ELITE athlete requires an entirely different level of commitment.

To qualify for our ADP, you must first go through a selection process. This process is open to athletes of all ages and all sports. To see if you’ve got what it takes, register your interest below and we will get back to you shortly.