“I’ll only go if you go.”

“Everything looks so complicated.”

“But it’s so intimidating down there.”

The sad truth is that over the years, gyms have gained the reputation of being a threatening environment full of judgement and ridicule – especially amongst females.

But what if a gym was to gain the opposite reputation?

What would happen if a group of girls came together to create an environment where women felt safe, comfortable and confident in the gym?

That is the exact vision that we have for Genesis Berwick in the near future.

We see a world where females feel confident challenging the unfair notion that gym’s are a place dominated by men…

A world where women can link arms to help each other become the strongest they’ve ever been.

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For those that want to play a part in remodelling the culture of Genesis Berwick to help more women become the person they want to be, register your interest below.

This will allow us to organise a time to discuss how we plan to make gyms a more supportive environment for female empowerment, and how you might be able to help.