My beginning

With a family that was so heavily invested in their football, it was no surprise that I also began to fall in love with the sport from a very young age. Unfortunately, through my junior years I was crippled with injuries from shoulder dislocations to OSD; head to toe, theres little I haven’t hurt. These injuries began to slow me down in my development, which led to my peers advancing at a rate that I couldn’t keep up with. This is why such an emphasis is placed on injury prevention in our programs.

The journey

I started my own personal weightlifting journey by joining a gym the day after my 18th birthday; looking back; it was the best decision I’ve ever made. It wasn’t until after I finished high school where I had nothing but time on my hands, where something just clicked. I began to fall in love with not just the physical activity side of lifting, but the idea that it embodies. Lifting is about more than just taking care of your body and looking good. Its about being better than you were the day before. Plastered on the entrance of the gym I started at was a simple quote that resonated with me from the day I first noticed it: Stronger than yesterday.

The start of eac

Ever since my passion for lifting began, I always had a clear idea of what I wanted to achieve in the future; a clear idea of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I wanted to give other people the opportunity that I never got, the opportunity to take my football to the lengths that every kid dreams of. But this goal was going to require a lot of time and hard work. In the midst of a global pandemic where I was looking for anything to keep me occupied, I asked myself a question.

“Is there really anything holding me back right now?”

I knew the answer. There was one thing stopping me from being the person I wanted to be, the self imposed limitations I was placing on myself. When I removed this barrier, I began taking conscious actions towards achieving my goals, and everything began to fall into place. I started small. I brainstormed business names and after surprisingly little deliberation, I landed on Elite Athletic Coaching. Next, I moved onto designing a logo, before I knew it, this little idea had snowballed into something bigger than I’d ever imagined.

If you can learn one thing from me:

The only thing holding you back from doing what you want is yourself; if you want something. Go and get it.

The expansion

The original reason behind starting EAC was to specifically target athletes, and introduce the younger generation to strength training; it’s what I wish happened to me when I was growing up. But upon further consideration, there isn’t a single person on the face of this earth that wont greatly benefit from strength training. There’s a reason that you’ll see the most successful people in the world in the gym. Not only does it have it’s obvious physical benefits, but it also has develops skills such as discipline and willpower, skills that will carry over into everything you do in your life.

Considering the universal benefits of lifting, I made the decision to expand my business to promote strength training for everyone, and not solely focus on athlete development. If I can inspire just one person to join a gym, I would die a happy man. It changed my life. Let it change yours too.

Cameron Marshall

Founder / Head Coach

With a long history as a footballer riddled with injuries, lifting became everything I always wanted football to become. Not only has it become a passion that drives every single one of my ambitions, but its transformed my understanding of what it is to be ‘healthy’. My whole life, I’ve constantly been told one thing, to make sure that I do what I love. “When you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work” took on a whole different meaning when I first started as a personal trainer. Truth is, I wish I could do what I do for free; I don’t do this for the money, I do it because helping people achieve their goals is the most fulfilling thing in the world.