About Us


EAC is predicated on the idea of giving others the opportunities that weren’t given to us. We are able to use our hindsight as others foresight, in order to assist the next generation in becoming the people they want to become. We aim to provide the solutions to the problems that we faced growing up, so others don’t have to endure the same struggles we did.

Our Values

Living authentically by your own values is the only way to live an inspired life. When you live in accordance with values other than your own, you lose touch with who you really are.
To us, freedom is about the ability to express the most authentic version of yourself. To follow the passions that you want to follow and be the person you want to be.
Personal Growth
The day you stop learning, is the day you stop growing. EAC embodies a culture of personal development in all areas of life.

What Exactly Do We Do ?

Put very briefly, we provide the framework and teach the skills that the next generation requires in order to live an inspired and authentic life. We help young adults construct a foundation of skills and beliefs that gives them everything they need in order to live a life of significance,

Who Are We?

Cameron Marshall

Founder / Head Coach

Cooper Fowkes

Head of Athletic Performance

About The Coaches

With a long history as a footballer riddled with injuries, I was able to find the solutions to my injury troubles inside the gym. This is why I have chosen the pursue injury prevention and rehabilitation in my further studies as a coach. There is nothing that I find more inspiring than helping others in the ways that I wish I was helped growing up.