Programs for every goal

EAC has a range of programs to suit every body, and every goal. From those of you that want to perform better in sport, to those of you that just want to learn how to move safely in the gym, we have you covered.

our Purpose

At EAC, our purpose is to give you the opportunity to take control of your life and create long term positive change.

Our Programs

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Our Athlete Development Program was the driving force behind the creation of EAC. This program is aimed at taking young athletes through a carefully designed program to improve their athletic ability. From improvements in speed and acceleration, to raw strength, if you're looking to improve your game, this program is for you.
EAC does not specialise in competition prep, so if you're looking to compete, we can refer you to coaches better suited to your needs. Our Aesthetics program has one goal; to sculpt a body that you can be proud of. Whether you're looking to bulk up or slim down, we know how to get you where you want.
Feeling good is the one common reason we all exercise, so if you're looking to improve your wellbeing but need some help getting there, then we can help. Our wellbeing program aims to improve the parts of your life that often have a negative impact on your day such as posture and mental health.
Our Lifters Introduction program aims to educate you on the correct way to perform in the gym. We break down the exercises that relate to your goals, and their correct execution. This is a short term program to ensure long term sustainable progress. Ordinary personal trainers will try and keep you as a client for as long as possible, costing you fortunes; you wont find another program like this.